OKLAHOMA CITY - Testimony continued on Thursday in the trial against the man accused in the shooting of an off-duty Oklahoma County deputy.

Thursday morning, the jury heard from Joshua Rinken, who was convicted of assaulting Oklahoma City police officer Chad Peery.

Rinken claims Christopher Baker told him in jail that he shot Major John Waldenville. Rinken had received a plea deal for his testimony in the Baker case.

Rinken pleaded guilty and received 10 years in prison and 10 years probation. Rinken, along with Jimmy Smith and Cadmio Lopez were charged in the February 2011 assault on Officer Chad Peery at Dan O'Brien's Pub in Oklahoma City. The beating left him paralyzed. Police said the three attacked Peery when he tried to break up a fight.

It was a packed courtroom as Rinken, who is serving time in prison and who was brought into court through a back way, took the stand to give his testimony. The judge also had the windows into the courtroom covered during Rinken's testimony.