OKLAHOMA CITY - Two men were supposed to go to trial next Monday, but one of the men accused of attacking and paralyzing Oklahoma City police officer Chad Peery during a bar fight has struck a deal. Now the other is trying to get the same deal.

For now, it seems like Chad Peery's family will have to wait for his case to even go to trial.

We are also getting our first look at the surveillance video from inside the bar.

In the surveillance video from inside Dan O'Brien's Pub we see Joshua Rinken, Jimmy Smith, and Cadmio Lopez being escorted out of the bar by off duty officer Chad Peery.

Words are exchanged and then things come to a head with Rinken touching Peery and Peery reacting.

The video was shown at Lopez's sentencing two weeks ago. He pleaded guilty to assault and battery with force likely to cause death. A judge sentenced him to 15 years in prison.

Rinken and Smith were scheduled to go on trial February 13. Smith has now accepted a plea deal of 10 years in prison and 10 years probation that was offered back in September.

Rinken wants the same deal, even though he rejected it before and the district attorney has taken it off the table. While he waits for an appeals court to rule on that, his trial is on hold.

That's something that doesn't sit well with Peery's family.

"I know my husband and I are quite disappointed that we are not moving forward at this time to be able to get this behind us," Chad's mother, Jan Peery, said.

Jan Peery says the thing that keeps her going is her son's positive attitude and the overwhelming community report he's received.

"It's been a long year and we are ready to get through all the legal ramifications to be able to continue focusing on Chad's rehab," she said.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater says he understands the family's frustration.

"It is difficult. It is a difficult journey through the criminal justice process for victims and their family members and survivors. So I fully understand and I empathize with them," he said.