OKLAHOMA CITY - Admit it!  You can't imagine a day without your cell phone. But is all the talking, texting and social networking bad for our health?

We've heard for years that the radiation we're exposed to when the phone is up to our ears might cause cancer. But is there any truth to it?

Doctor Yeaman often gets the radiation question.  And it's not an easy one to answer.

"It's pretty easy when you don't wear your seat belt and you're in a car wreck, you have a higher incident of dying, that's an easy one," Dr. Yeaman said. "When it comes to health care, a lot of times, we're down to our best guess."

That made us wonder just how much radiation is coming off cell phones and other electronics we use everyday.  We purchased a radiation finder. It's designed to detect the electromagnetic field radiation or EMF strength of every electrical appliance we have around the house. It uses lights to indicate the radiation strength:

A green light: you're safe.

Yellow: caution. 

And red signals "warning" 

What were the results?  Watch the video and find out.