Edmond Public Schools Beef Up Security Ahead Of School Year

Thursday, August 4th 2022, 5:38 pm

EDMOND, Okla. -

Students in Edmond head back to class in one week, and administrators are working to assure them they are safe. 

The security measures are nothing new. Superintendent Dr. Angela Grunewald says some have been in place for years, but following the shooting in Uvalde, Texas she has been answering a lot of questions. 

“I have met with several parents or answered some emails they just want to know what we have in place,” she says. 

Some measures are not immediately seen by those outside the school. Those include access control doors, crisis management training and shatterproof film on windows. 

Other layers are apparent. Security cameras outside the building stream to a flat screen in the office. The secure vestibules and 2 way talk stations require guests to state their purpose and scan identification to enter the office. 

Superintendent Grunewald says many parents are thankful the measures are in place. 

“There’s a sense of relief,” she explains. “A sense of relief that this is nothing new to us.” 

It’s also nothing new to The Edmond Police Department which provides 11 of the district’s 12 resource officers. 

“They are more than just cops in school,” says Chief J.D. Younger. 

Each SRO is required to attend a minimum of 40 hours of additional training. 

“It focuses on 3 primary areas and that's guardian, counselor and teacher,” he says. 

The officers focus on building relationships the chief hopes will lead to students coming forward about potential threats. 

The security layers may not be new, but what’s considered normal may be. 

“I would say 10 years ago or maybe 15 years ago it felt surreal,” says Dr. Grunewald, describing the advanced security. “It’s part of how we do school.”