‘Some People Have Lost Everything’: Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief Meeting Needs In Seminole

Friday, May 6th 2022, 5:57 pm

SEMINOLE, Oklahoma -

Volunteers are serving residents across Seminole County who are still in need after this week's tornado outbreak.

As of Friday, Oklahoma Baptists Disaster Relief has 30 requests from homeowners in need of help.

Homes need to be cleaned up and patched if the tornado caused serious damage.

The group was stationed at the First Baptist Church of Seminole where it served 400 meals Thursday.

At the church, families line up for meals as a couple days have now gone by with power and water issues in the city. 

Oklahoma Baptists Disaster Relief Director Don Williams said they've sent meals out to the Red Cross shelter, the nursing home and the hospital. 

“Some people have lost everything,” Williams said. “Some people have had their homes torn apart, so they’re in need of a lot of things.”