Veterans Walk From OKC To Lawton To Raise Awareness For PTSD

Wednesday, April 6th 2022, 5:46 pm


PTSD is a challenge that many veterans face every day. To raise awareness of the struggles they go through, a group of veterans are walking across the state. 

“We can avoid many, many tragedies and fatalities when it comes to suicide, depression and anxiety,” said Henry Escobedo, one of the Veterans making the walk. 

The group of eight veterans and their service dog began the 100 mile walk from Oklahoma City to Lawton on Monday. 

“What I hope comes from it, of course is to create an awareness, where people become more aware of what post-traumatic stress disorder is,” said Escobedo.  

They also hope to spark more discussions about PTSD and make seeking help easier. 

“If we do not know those symptoms, and most of all if we don’t take care of them, it can get pretty drastic and make your life miserable,” said Escobedo  

 The walk was important for Escobedo to make even with his vision challenges.  

“I mean physically yes, but mentally no, because that’s where my gaining comes from, because I’m challenging myself, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone,” said Escobedo.  

The group plans to walk around 23 miles a day and complete the hike on Saturday. They also encourage anyone that would like to join them on the walk to do so, even if it’s for an hour of for however long the can.  

“The commitment in itself, the great accomplishment in doing it, because of what we are creating which is the awareness of PTSD,” said Escobedo.  

For those not able to join for the walk, the group is thankful for other means of support.  

“Yeah, they’re honking, they’re giving us the power hand they’re inspiring us to continue on with the walk. Because seeing that and feeling the support keeps us going, at least it keeps me going,” said Escobedo.  

You can financially support veterans with PTSD by donating at and track the groups progress at