Dog Attacks Sheriff's Deputy During Traffic Stop

Wednesday, January 12th 2022, 10:23 pm


A traffic stop turns dangerous for an Oklahoma County Deputy.  

According to court records, a traffic stop that uncovered illegal drugs along I-40, took an unexpected turn. A trained attack dog clamped down on a deputy's arm. 

“How many times do you think about a vicious dog jumping out of a car and attacking a police officer? That's what happened,” said Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Aaron Brilbeck.     

Members of the drug interdiction team, CITCO, were called to search Junping Liang's vehicle. 

But inside her car were two dogs, one of them was aggressive. 

Instead of securing them, investigators said Liang stalled. 

 After several additional requests, Liang is seen opening the door. Her dog makes a beeline for the deputy.  

“This is a guy who is used to working with dogs, he's very well trained with dogs and he was able to get on him in a flash, in no time at all,” said Brilbeck. 

Despite several bites from the dog requiring stitches, once under control, the officers did their best to calm the animal. 

“In this case we found out this dog had been trained to specifically as an attack dog. The dog was just doing what it's training told him to do,” said Brilbeck. 

Deputies said they found one hundred pounds of marijuana inside the vehicle. 

The driver is facing several charges.