Bristow Middle School Parents Concerned Over Controversial Books

Monday, December 13th 2021, 9:41 pm

BRISTOW, Oklahoma -

Some Bristow parents shared more concerns Monday night with the Bristow School Board about books they say are inappropriate for middle school students.

The district shared several steps it's taken to address the issues parents have with a number of books. This started with a few dozen books found in the school buildings that contain curse words and graphic depictions of sex and rape.

Parents spoke tonight about the lack of progress that's been made in getting new policies made to keep books like those out of students' hands.

Director of Instruction Krista Burden says the district has taken all the books in question out of schools to review. them.

"Taken those out of circulation so that they can be reviewed by a library media specialist. And then we will give them a list of any book that will be going back into circulation and if they choose to go through the reconsideration policy and have that re-evaluated, they can do so at that time," she said.

Some people like District parent Warren Van Orsdol are still frustrated and say they want more preventative measures.

"I understand it is the parent's job first and foremost to protect their children from what they are exposed to, but it is also the schools, and they have failed," he said.

Burden says the district already has a review process that could've been used - but says to date, no parent ever actually filled out the paperwork to start it