State Department Of Health Responds To Gov. Stitt’s Executive Order On Birth Certificates

Wednesday, November 10th 2021, 10:56 pm


Gov. Kevin Stitt issued an executive order to stop the Oklahoma State Department of Health from issuing non-binary birth certificates. A settlement last month added the gender designation to the certificate.

The health department said it will abide by the governor's order and is committed to serving Oklahoma.

It began as a sigh of relief and a clear victory for Kit Lorelied.

“It’s recognition, it is you know, the respect and dignity that is deserved for everybody out there,” Lorelied said in an interview last month after getting their new birth certificate.

Now, it is unclear with an executive order from Gov. Stitt telling OSDH to stop amending birth certificates with a non-binary designation.

“Oklahoma Statute 63 establishes how and when a birth certificate may be amended under Oklahoma law,” the executive order reads in part. “Neither this statute nor Oklahoma law otherwise provide OSDH any legal ability in any way alter a person’s sex or gender on a birth certificate.”

“People that have anti-LGBT agendas will use pretty much any excuse to hold us back from the tides of history really,” Lorelied said.

The order also asked OSDH to remove “any reference to amending birth certificates” on its website.

It also states that they need to inform the Governor about any pending litigation relating to birth certificates and provide Stitt with any information that OSDH "feels is responsive to this executive order.”

OSDH responded to the governor’s order saying, “pursuant to the executive order, they will continue to amend birth certificates as allowed by law.”

The state health department said it will work with Stitt and the state attorney general for any amendments that may “fall outside of Oklahoma Statute 63.”