One Of Oklahoma’s Own To Compete In Survivor’s 41st Season

After a 16-month hiatus, Survivor is back for its 41st season and features one of Oklahoma's own as one of the 18 castaways.

Tuesday, September 21st 2021, 10:19 pm

After a 16-month hiatus, Survivor is back for its 41st season with 18 new castaways and a few fresh game-changing twists.

For 21 years, Survivor has continued to evolve by pushing the envelope and testing the players, from the introduction of hidden immunity idols, to secret advantages and game changing twists.

Survivor 41 is birthing a new era, starting with a much more dangerous 26-day game.

“So that means it is a very fast pace. It does force the players to make bigger decisions,” Host and Executive Producer Jeff Probst said. “So, there will be new advantages and there will be some controversial twists.”

One of the survivors this season is Oklahoma’s Own and former Carl Albert athlete, Jairus “JD” Robinson.

“I’ve been watching Survivor since I was old enough to watch TV,” JD said.  “I feel like my faith and my family are the foundation of who I am, but Survivor built me up.”

According to the two-time state track champ's audition tape, there's only one clear winner this season.

“I’m going to win, and I would give up literally everything on this wall for the title of sole survivor,” JD said on the tape.

Now that he's on the island, JD said his plan hasn't changed.

“I want to go out here and I really want to play hard. You’re not going to win unless you are willing to take risks,” JD said.

Probst said to be prepared for new features for the fans.

“We’re going to be doing things and let the audience in on things in ways we never have before, bring them inside the game a little more and pose the question ‘Now you have this information before the players. What do you think you would do?’” Probst said. “There’s also something I’m really excited about. It’s called the Game Within the Game, an interactive experience for junior future Survivor players where they’ll have to spot and solve rebus puzzles hidden in each episode.”

But now, it's time to play, and both Probst and JD are ready.

“The game is kind of like the monster in a horror movie,” Probst said. “When it’s chasing you in the kitchen, you don’t stop and ask where it came from or how it got its powers. You just try to outwit it, outplay it, and outlast it. Because otherwise if you don’t kill the monster, the monster will kill you.”

 “I plan on backstabbing and wheeling and double dealing. I plan on just cutting throats,” JD said. “But you have to find that group of people that you can bond with enough so that they’ll carry you a long way in this game.”

From forever fan to fierce contestant, JD is ready to roll.

“If you don’t go for the gusto, as Wendell Holland would say, you’re going to get your torch snuffed,” JD said.

 “It is fast, you got to earn everything, and even then, there’s no guarantees that you’ll keep it,” Probst said. “That’s Survivor right now. So, buckle up.”

You can root for JD during the two-hour premiere Wednesday at 7 p.m., on News on 6.


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