Meeker Officer Placed On Paid Leave Following Arrest Caught On Camera

Monday, September 6th 2021, 10:13 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

MEEKER, Oklahoma -

A police takedown captured on cellphone video shows a man lose consciousness moments after his arrest.

According to Meeker police, it happened Saturday following a police pursuit in Meeker.

Police were able to revive the man, however the video is now under public scrutiny.

Some people believe the use of force was excessive.

Police: Roll over on your stomach, now!               

Police: Hands behind your back, now!    

An officer with three years of experience with the Meeker Police Department struggled to get the man into handcuffs.

The officer was seen striking the suspect as he tried to get his arms behind his back.

“We don't know what frame of mind he's in at that time. Maybe he's had a bad day, maybe he has a gun in the car,” said Meeker Assistant Police Chief Scott Wilson. 

Off camera minutes before, the suspect was involved in a pursuit with police following a report of a reckless driver.

“Our officer that was on duty went to investigate and met the vehicle in almost a head-on collision. The vehicle was in his lane of traffic,” said Wilson.        

The chase was on, and according to police, spanned only four minutes. Police said the driver stopped and then took off several times.

“Our officer used a CLEET technique to hold him to the ground,” said Wilson.

One minute after he's placed in handcuffs the officer realized something was wrong.

Police: I have full arrest! I have full arrest!   

Witness: Oh my God, oh my God, no way!    

“If our officer had not rolled him over when he did, he probably would have died right there,” said Wilson.

For more than a minute two officers and a volunteer are seen on video taking turns administering chest compressions.

Witness: Come on Charlie, breathe!            

And while the man came to, the video has drawn criticism.

“A flurry of posts on social media about police brutality,” said Wilson.

Police plan to release bodycam footage at a later time.

“We want to be transparent in this thing and we want our side to be put out there whether it's good, bad, or otherwise,” said Wilson.

The officer's actions are now under review.

The Meeker police review board will decide if the officer acted within their policy.