Single Mom Devastated After Car Stolen While Working At Tulsa Grocery Store

Tuesday, August 3rd 2021, 9:16 pm
By: Jordan Tidwell

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A Tulsa woman said someone swiped her keys while she was working and stole her car. She said she's devastated because she'd been saving up for the car and only had it for a few months. 

Kylie Mayes said when she first walked out of Price Mart and saw her car was missing, she thought it was a joke. Then she realized her car was really gone.

Mayes said she was working at Price Mart and stepped away from her register, when two people swiped her keys, and then took her car. 

"I just didn't even know that I left them out, I thought they were in my bag like always, and ugh, just one time it takes one time," Mayes said. 

The car is a 2012 Audi Mayes just bought a few months ago. Mayes said she's a single mom who's been saving up for years to get a nice car that can take her to her new job as a court reporter and her daughter to school. 

"I was proud to have that car, and it was just all coming together finally, I've worked so hard," she said.  

Mayes said now, she will have to walk to work, as well as walk her daughter to school when classes start. She said it's been difficult to go back to work since the theft. 

"I felt really violated, especially coming back to the same spot where they took from me, it's hard,” Mayes said. “When I came back and saw where my car should be parked, that was really hard, and it still is.” 

Mayes said she wants the car back in one piece, and for the two people to be caught. She said she is trying her best to be positive and hopeful, but it's hard. 

"People work hard for their stuff, and you have to respect that, you can get your own things, work hard and get your own things," Mayes said. 

Mayes has filed a police report. If you have information, call Crimestoppers at 918-596-COPS.