Broken Arrow Man Victim Of Theft After Fire Forced Evacuation From His Apartment

Monday, August 2nd 2021, 6:14 pm
By: Ashlyn Brothers

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma -

A man who lives in a Broken Arrow apartment complex can’t seem to catch a break. First, a fire happened at the complex, and then, by the time he went back to check on his place, he discovered a lot of his property had been stolen.  

There's nothing Wesley Linzy loves more than fishing. His late grandpa got him hooked.  

“It's a hobby, a passion I have,” said Linzy.  

He was devastated when he returned home last Wednesday, and his grandpa's old fishing poles were gone. Linzy told us that while the things that were taken weren't worth much money, they were priceless to him.  

"It just sucks,” said Linzy.  

Linzy said his play station was tossed in the corner and his clothes were dumped on his closet floor. That's when he discovered his fishing poles, storage containers, pellet guns, medications and hunting supplies were all missing.  

"It just means a lot because some of it I've had since I was a kid or it belonged to some of my relatives,” said Linzy.  

This comes just days after a fire broke out at Eagle Nest Apartments on July 25, forcing everyone who lived there to evacuate. Linzy wasn't home at the time but when he came back later that same morning, he was caught off guard.  

"They were like, 'you can't go in because there's been a fire,” said Linzy “And I'm like, huh?" 

The President of Lynco Properties, Gary Goss, said residents were later allowed inside later the same day to get their belongings.  

“Once the fire department advised that the building would be uninhabitable with no power or gas, we notified the residents that were onsite as well as by phone,” Goss said. “The residents were allowed to go back into their homes at that time to get any items they needed. Residents were allowed access with supervision for multiple days last week as we had a perimeter fencing installed on Monday by our restoration company.” 

Goss said all outside doors were locked and secured that evening; however, he said the security cameras were damaged in the fire.  

“The cause of the fire was a lit cigarette being extinguished in an astray and then dumped into a front outside trashcan under the entrance awning. The cigarette smoldered and caused the damages,” said Goss.  

Linzy said he got some of his stuff and when he went back three days later to pick up some of his fishing supplies, he discovered the theft. His sister, Hannah, said it's sad knowing someone would take advantage of her brother and his friends.  

"It really just gave me and my family an uneasy feeling knowing that my brother had these things and we thought it was all safe here,” Hannah Stevens said. “Wesley, he can't drive, and he can't just go get what he wants whenever. So, the things he had meant a lot." 

"You're just kicking a man that's already down,” said Linzy.  

Linzy’s brother-in-law said he filed a police report with the Broken Arrow Police Department.  

Read a statement below from Gary Goss, President of Lynco Properties: 

“With respect to helping the residents recover their personal items we have advised them to contact the Broken Arrow Police Department and report a list of items missing. We are still working to obtain any information from parties that may have knowledge of anyone getting into the building without supervision as we did our best to lock up the premises. 
We are very sympathetic to our valued residents as not only did they lose their homes, yet some lost personal belongings due to the damage by the fire and some are allegedly now missing personal items. 
We are doing everything in our power to work with our residents on relocating, working with renter’s insurance companies, where valid, and accommodating them on moving.” 

If you would like to help Linzy, you can visit this GoFundMe here.