Tulsa Police Search For Suspect After ATM Theft Leads To Chase

Thursday, July 22nd 2021, 4:42 pm
By: Mallory Thomas, Brooke Griffin

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Thursday, Tulsa detectives are searching for a group of people suspected of breaking into an ATM near 31st and Sheridan. Police said the group of thieves knew exactly what they were doing as they used tow cables to rip off the ATM doors, grabbed the cash, and took off.

"They get innovative trying different things and this seems to be a group attempting to do the same stuff throughout the city," said Officer Danny Bean.

Officer Bean said detectives are investigating a string of ATM break-ins across town over the last two nights. Surveillance video in the most recent theft shows several guys using cables attached to a pickup to rip off the ATM doors, which triggers an alarm. Officer Bean said the other break-ins happened the same way.

"As one officer was responding he noticed a large F-350 from where the alarm was coming from and he attempted to stop the vehicle," said Officer Bean. He said the driver didn't stop and ended up ditching the truck in Sand Springs. "They observed money flying out of the bed of the truck which was recovered at least some of it was recovered. We don't know exactly how much they got away with, but we're talking 20 dollar bills kind of like out of a movie flying out of the bed of the truck and landing on the city roads," said Officer Bean.

While some of the money from the latest theft was recovered, the thieves got away. Police said the public can help them prevent another break-in from happening. "What we're telling anybody is if they see a large truck like our burglary detectives are seeing, it's kind of the MO, come across their ATMs or even the drive-thru at their bank that's probably something to pay attention to. Especially late at night."

Police also believe the thieves are using stolen trucks to pull off the thefts.