Yukon Home Catches Fire; Firefighters Issue Warning About Proper Fireworks Disposal

Monday, July 5th 2021, 7:39 am
By: News 9, Caleb Califano

YUKON, Oklahoma -

A house near Northwest 23rd & Yukon Parkway caught fire overnight after the family improperly disposed of their fireworks, according to the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

Firefighters say after setting them off the family placed the fireworks inside a trash can and at some point, they reignited. Investigators say the fire spread to the side of the house, the roof, and the fence between them and their neighbor's home. Everyone is safe but firefighters say there was a lot of damage done from improperly disposing of their fireworks.

Fire departments across the country respond to multiple burn injuries every year and its usually from the simpler fireworks. This includes things like sparklers which can burn up to 1,200 degrees, hot enough to burn glass. Firefighters say fireworks need to cool off before you throw them out, this includes even the duds, which could still go off without any warning.

Firefighters also recommend keeping a fire extinguisher and buckets of water nearby just in case. Any extra fireworks should be stored in cool, dry location for anything that catches fire easily.

Finally, for extra safety precautions, firefighters suggest soaking used fireworks in water and putting them in a plastic bag, so they stay wet works as well.