Snow Cone Stands Can Now Stay Open Year Round

Saturday, May 15th 2021, 8:40 am
By: William Blanchette

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Snow cone stands can stay open year-round thanks to a new law in Oklahoma.

Snow cone stands use to be able to stay open for six months at a time, but House Bill 1722 removes that limit. When the weather warms up, the owner of Josh’s Sno Shack, Josh Juarez, said more folks come out to buy snow cones.

“70 different combinations listed on the board and then we got sixty individual flavors.”

House Bill 1772 now lets businesses like Juarez’s operate year-round. He said he plans to capitalize on the new opportunity.

“People usually want snow cone six months out of the year but now we can do some fun promotions in December.”

Juarez said he has almost a hundred kids who work at his stands across Green Country, and this will give them the chance to earn a little more cash.

Cylver Blair came with her boss’s daughter to grab a treat. And with it being allowed to stay open all year, Blair said they plan to be out here again even during the winter months.

“They will stay busy, they are an awesome company, they’ll keep business through the winter, so I think it’s awesome they passed the law,” Blair said.

There is an expectation to the bill. Snow cone stands will have to apply for a multi-season license, as well as sell hot beverages.

“I think anything that gives small businesses the opportunity to operate a little more freely and easily I think that’s great,” Juarez said.

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