OKC Police Investigating Officer-Involved Shooting That Killed Metro Father Of 2

Monday, May 10th 2021, 5:38 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce


Police continue to investigate a deadly officer-involved shooting in northwest Oklahoma City from the weekend. The officer was placed on paid administrative leave following the shooting that killed 34-year-old Daniel Hobbs. 

Friends and family of Hobbs said on Monday that he struggled with mental health issues. Neighbors told News 9 they have seen police at the man's grandfather's home several times prior to the deadly shooting.

The call came in Saturday night as a victim's protective order violation. Police said they were told Hobbs was not supposed to be at his grandfather's home near Northwest 36th Street and Roff Avenue. 

“The suspect in the front yard had an arrestable offense,” said Capt. Dan Stewart, Oklahoma City Police Department. “The officer was within his rights to take him in custody.” 

However, News 9 has since learned and police confirmed there was not a protective order against Hobbs.

Police officials said the responding officer was by himself when the interaction with Hobbs turned from talking to a struggle.

“When he went down to do what we call a cursory pat first, a struggle ensued,” said Stewart. “And during the course of this struggle the officer and person involved went to the ground.”

While they were on the ground is when Stewart said the officer shot Hobbs in his grandfather’s front yard. 

“The officer pulled his firearm and discharged it while they were on the ground struggling,” said Stewart.

The man's friends said the call should not have ended that way. They said Hobbs had schizophrenia and many people had asked police to get him help.

Court records from a previous incident showed police responded to the same home in April on a mental health call. Hobbs was threatening his grandfather and another person with a knife and said he would kill them.

Police have not confirmed if Hobbs had a weapon during the struggle with the officer.

“When the officer was trying to make that determination at the scene that’s when a struggle ensued,” said Stewart. 

A relative told News 9 Hobbs had two daughters.