‘I Felt Sick’: Victim, Juror Speak Out After Convicted Rapist Given No Jail Time

Tuesday, May 4th 2021, 9:24 pm
By: Grant Stephens

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A rape victim says justice wasn’t served after a jury convicted a man of rape and recommended 13 years in prison, but the judge decided on probation instead.

The victim wanted to remain anonymous, and said her heart sank when she heard the news.

"I felt sick that he would be able to walk free," she said.

The decision was shocking to one of the jurors, John, who found 23-year-old Malik Vance guilty.

"I couldn't believe when I was reading this, that he got no jail time," John said.

John and the victim are united in their frustration with Judge Sharon Holmes, who decided on Friday that Vance would only get probation for a first-degree rape conviction.

"I'm super angry and upset," the victim said. "This was the hardest thing I've had to do. To tell what happened to me and for him to just be let to walk free is scary."

John echoed her frustration.

"She was not only violated by Mr. Vance, but now she's violated by the court system, in my opinion,” John said. “It's just a travesty.”

The jury that found Vance guilty originally recommended he serve 13 years in prison.

Judge Holmes' decision to go against the jury and suspend Vance's sentence entirely leaves both John and the victim wondering why.

"This was an injustice," John said.

They say if the goal of the justice system is to give the victim some sort of restitution then this decision misses the mark.

"We wanted to make sure that there was some accountability for his actions," John said. "We don't want him to be out on the streets committing this again to another young lady."

News on 6 asked Judge Holmes for comment last week, and she declined.

The jail holding Vance said he was released Friday night around 11:00 p.m. If he breaks the law during the next 13 years, he could then be sent to prison.