Community Service Council Partners With City Of Tulsa For Equality Indicators Panel

Friday, April 30th 2021, 1:11 pm
By: Brooke Griffin

TULSA, Oklahoma -

On Friday, Tulsa’s Community Service Council is holding its latest Equality Indicators event focusing on the topic of “Justice." The city of Tulsa has partnered with the community service council to hold the five-part virtual series of equality indicators events that each rank and measure how well the city is doing on the topics of justice, education, housing, healthcare, and services.

For Friday’s topic of justice, Tulsa only scored a 31 out of 100 due to the drop in two out of the nine factors being scored, that drop comes from the rise in child abuse and domestic violence cases in our area.

CSC CEO Pam Ballard said this drop in this portion of the score was not shocking.

“This is something we unfortunately expected because of the pandemic, people were cooped up in their homes and sadly that brings tension within the group of people living together,” Ballard said.

She said they did gain points in other areas of the topic, but the loss outweighed that gain overall.

The panel speaking on the topic will include Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin, representatives from the Oklahoma Policy Institute, Family Center, and more.

Ballard said they are constantly trying to find solutions to problems in the community when they see inequality.

“We want the equality score to go higher,” Ballard said. “That’s why the City of Tulsa is investing so much time, money, and energy into this; it’s about making our city a better and safer place for all its inhabitants.”

The event is completely virtual and you can watch for free at starting at 10:30 a.m. this morning.