Graphic Crime Scene Photos Highlight Brutality Of Norman Woman’s Killing

Wednesday, April 21st 2021, 6:01 pm
By: Brittany Toolis


The third day of Joseph Alliniece’s murder trial can be best described as a rollercoaster. 

The first half focused on police taking Alliniece into custody. The state’s first three witnesses of the day all took part in the arrest.  

Two were Oklahoma City police officers who took Alliniece into custody. One first spotted the suspect, the other put the handcuffs on him and transported him to a handoff site to meet a Norman police officer. The third witness was that Norman officer, who then drove Alliniece to investigators for processing.  

All of the officers wore body cams, which showed Alliniece cooperating with police.

A Norman crime scene investigator took the stand later in the day. She processed the scene where police said Alliniece murdered Brittani Young.  

Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn showed extremely graphic pictures of the scene.

One of them showed a close up of Brittani’s badly beaten face and mouth. Others included what the crime scene tech said were parts of her face and even brain which were littered on the floor.

“You never get used to something like that. Unfortunately, there’s some hard evidence for everybody to look at in this case,” said Mashburn. 

The state also tried to enter in three phone calls between Alliniece and his mom he made while in jail. The defense objected to the calls stating they were not relevant.

The judge agreed on one of the calls, so the state was only allowed to play two of them for the court.  Mashburn said the state will probably rest Thursday afternoon.