Prosecutors Show Graphic Bodycam Footage From Norman Woman’s Killing

Tuesday, April 20th 2021, 7:47 pm
By: Brittany Toolis


More testimony Tuesday in Norman in the trial for the man charged with brutally murdering Brittani Young.

The first day of the proceedings highlighted the victim’s mother and Joseph Alliniece’s alleged kidnapping victim’s stories. 

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Day two highlighted footage of the crime scene and where the suspect went after he ran from the Emerald Green apartments.

Cleveland County District Attorney, Greg Mashburn said the state wanted to present witnesses in chronological order on Tuesday.

Ten witnesses were called Tuesday to testify; the two-day total is sixteen. The jury also saw a lot of footage.

Mashburn said the state showed police body camera footage, and security camera footage from different places Alliniece went throughout the day. 

The bodycam footage came from the first two officers at the scene. It showed a blood-filled room, with one of the officers almost hopping around the room trying to avoid stepping in the blood. The state even zoomed in on what ended up being a severed ear on the ground, close to a foot away from Young's body.

When asked why the state chose to show the graphic video, the district attorney said it's important to show what actually happened and the only way to do it is through pictures and videos.

The rest of the clips shown were security footage from different gas stations and a Walmart Super Center with glimpses of Alliniece. The videos are from after he ran away from Young’s apartment following the crime.

The state said they are trying to rebuild the day Young was murdered, step by step to the jury.

The last witness called to the stand on Tuesday knew Alliniece from Houston. She said she got several calls from him and Young on the day of her murder asking to pick Alliniece up; but due to previously made plans she could not. The trial will pick up again Wednesday morning at 9 a.m.