Lawmakers Send More Than 100 Bills To Governor’s Desk So Far

Friday, April 16th 2021, 5:21 pm
By: Storme Jones


More than 100 bills have made their way to the Gov. Kevin Stitt’s desk. So far, he has acted on fewer than 20. 

This week, Ida's Law made it to Stitt, instructing the state’s bureau of investigation to open a special office dedicated to searching for missing Native Americans. 

Legislation supporters said a bill that protects drivers caught in a riot cleared both chambers. It frees drivers from liability who unintentionally hit or kill someone while fleeing a riot. 

A bill targeting police doxing, or posting an officer's personal information online, passed the state legislature. Under the law, the bill’s author said posting photos or videos that show an officer's name badge would be illegal. 

Democrats said lawmakers should be more worried about the root cause of police misconduct, rather than limiting civilians' recording rights. 

Two bills aiming to ease the sticker shock of February utility bills passed the state senate. 

Under the fix, state bonds would be issued to pay back utility companies upfront. Customers would pay back the bonds through a fee over a period of time.