Some Customers Fed Up With COVID-19 Protocols, Refuse To Wear Masks At Local Businesses

Wednesday, March 10th 2021, 5:17 pm
By: Anjelicia Bruton


Several restaurants throughout Oklahoma City have mask mandates and social distancing guidelines in place because of the pandemic. Local businesses said most customers are taking it well, but others aren't.

Lee's Sandwiches posted a video of a customer that became frustrated when asked to wear a mask on their Facebook page.

The post said, "You know it's tough staying open and keeping the team serving during an unprecedented pandemic. Then there's humans out in the world like this that make it just that much harder."

City Councilman James Cooper said he was saddened to see this happen in his community.

“To hear someone in a video that anyone in our ward or in our district does not love our country does not know our history,” Cooper said.

Lee's Sandwiches isn't the only restaurant to experience this kind of interaction. Chad Whitehead with Ponyboy said they had to ask a customer to leave after an incident.

“We had a group of guests come in that we're not interested in wearing masks, were very defiant and started vaping in public in our door guy's face. If you don't meet the guidelines of a bar, we all know that results in being removed from the bar,” Whitehead said.