Oklahoma Moves Into Final Group Of Phase 2 In State's COVID Vaccination Plan

Friday, March 5th 2021, 5:12 pm
By: Mike Glover

With three vaccines available in the state, Oklahoma is moving quickly through the phases of getting everyone eligible for the vaccine.

"As of today, 1,046,626 total doses of state allocated vaccine have been administered. This includes 674,884 Oklahomans that have received at least one dose and 371,742 Oklahomans that have completed the full series," said Oklahoma State Department of Health Deputy Commissioner Keith Reed.

The overall vaccine supply is steadily increasing. Now, the state will now open up appointments for the remainder of the groups in phase 2.

"So starting Monday, March 8, Oklahomans in congregant care or work locations, city, county, and state leaders or elected officials, and public health staff supporting the front lines will be eligible to receive a COVID vaccine," Reed said.

This completes the cycle of everyone outlined in phases 1 and 2 of the vaccination distribution plan and puts Oklahoma ahead of schedule.

With dosages for all three vaccines increasing, they anticipate moving into phase three in April, Reed said.

"Phase 3, we are looking at two main categories there. (It) is our essential work force which is a pretty broad category and then there is the expanded education group," he said.

OSDH warns that even as we move closer to getting everyone vaccinated that choses to receive it, they encourage everyone to continue with the three Ws: wash your hands, wear your mask, and watch your distance.

The first doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine arrived in Oklahoma on Wednesday and they are already being distributed.