Witness Gives Account Of Deadly Gas Station Shooting

Saturday, February 6th 2021, 9:52 pm
By: Hunter McKee


An overnight shooting in a gas station parking lot left one man dead and another in Oklahoma City police custody.

One person said he saw someone at a 7-Eleven near Northwest 10th Street and May Avenue swinging a wooden object. Moments later, he heard multiple shots ring out.

 “I was just terrified, that’s all I could say,” a witness, who wants to remain anonymous, told News 9. “Really just horrible. Really horrible.”

The witness said he was driving past the gas station when he noticed two people arguing and one swinging the wooden object.

“I couldn’t tell exactly what he was hitting,” the witness said. “He started swinging multiple times at something.”

When he drove up to the intersection, the witness said one of the men began shooting. 

“I was just concerned, when the gunshot happened, I thought, ‘OK, maybe my car got hit,’” the witness said. “You never know. Things quickly escalated.”

The witness said he then called 911.

“Police showed up very quickly, like within a minute, I’d say,” the witness said.

When officers arrived, they said they found a man who had been shot, lying in the parking lot.  

Investigators believe the two men were involved in some sort of domestic altercation but are not releasing the details.

Police said an unidentified gunman was taken into custody.

“This area’s pretty bad,” the witness said. “There’s always a lot of violence and a lot of shootings here.”

The victim’s identity has not been released. The investigation is ongoing.