Local Nonprofit Raising Funds To Help Oklahomans With Rent, Other Needs During Pandemic

Wednesday, February 3rd 2021, 6:01 pm
By: Mike Glover

Community Helpers Organization is a local 501c nonprofit organization with a heart for helping Oklahomans in need.

"It was actually started with a couple of children that started kinda like a free booth outside of their home that people could come get food, canned goods, toiletries during COVID-19," Barbara McElhanney, one the organizers of the foundation said.

And so, the idea was birthed, start a nonprofit organization to help Oklahomans that are struggling due to the pandemic.

"We’ve helped people with rental assistance, food, gas" McElhanney said.

Having a heart this big, takes a big budget. So, Barbara and the team came up with a plan

"What it’s called is a hundred to impact. We would like to start out with a hundred people that pledge to donate a hundred dollars a month, so that gives us ten thousand dollars to start with each month."

That money would go directly to help pay rent, utilities, buy food, fix vehicles or whatever the need.

To get involved with the program, to give or if you're in need it’s as easy as going to their Facebook page or visit the Community Helpers website.

You can also simply give them a call at 405-766-8106