COVID-19 Forces Historic Ann’s Chicken Fry House In OKC Out Of Business

Friday, January 8th 2021, 5:40 pm

A Historic Route 66 restaurant is closing their doors for good right before their 50th anniversary due to COVID-19.

Ann's Chicken Fry House has served many Oklahomans and tourists since 1971. People from across the country have flooded social media with memories of Ann's famous chicken fried steak and fried peaches.

Patty Mitschke worked as a waitress for over 15 years. She said when the pandemic hit, the restaurant went from constantly busy to dozens of empty tables.

“Our night time customers were usually more elderly and they quit coming out. They didn't get out at night. They didn't get out because of COVID anymore,” Mitschke said.

She said while working there, she met so many people from around the world asking to try their famous chicken fried steak and fried peaches.

The closing isn't just hard on the staff as many now start job hunting, it's hard for customers like Lawrence Larson as well.

“That was our go-to place every Friday night. You know, we would go up there as a family and just enjoy a nice meal,” Larson said.

While they may be closing their doors now, there are efforts to help Ann's Chicken Fry House reopen.

“If they can't ,then I would love to see it turned into like a museum with all the great artifacts that are there. I think the people of Oklahoma would really love to see that as well,” Larson said.