Law Firms Come Together To Help OKC Students

Friday, November 13th 2020, 6:14 pm


Normally, when lawyers show up, it's not good news.

When it comes to helping children in their community, three metro law firms rested their cases long enough to come together for a great cause.

"Maybe we're competitors when we're trying to get business, but we're certainly not competitors when it comes to trying to reach out in our communities and do something good," said Noble McIntyre of McIntyre Law.

McIntyre Law, Parrish-DeVaughn Injury Lawyers and Warhawk Legal teamed up to give $20,000 combined to their communal client: The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools.

"To be the most efficient, in a push for advancement, we came together as a fortified front, and we're proud of what we're doing," said Pepper DeVaughn of Parrish-DeVaughn.

"Hopefully COVID(-19)'s over soon, but while it's going on, there's going to be instances where kids are in a situation where it's just not good. And so, we're trying to do something where we can step up and help that situation," McIntyre said.

The donations go towards the foundation's Kit-A-Kid campaign, which provides OKCPS students with essential school supplies.

A service that has become even more necessary now with remote learning in session.

"They went suddenly from learning in their classrooms, and having access to classroom sets of supplies, to their homes where they may or may not have their own school supplies that they need to learn at home," The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools director of outreach Abbie Vaughan said.

Every donation of $30 funds a kit. The law firm's donation outfits over 650 kids with supplies.

The lawyers are pleading others to keep the giving going.

"This is bigger than what these three law firms can do by ourselves, and we're asking anybody that can, to participate in the Kit-A-Kid program with us." DeVaughn said.

If you'd like to help the foundation get some more supplies in the bag, they are in need of donations. You can donate on their website