OKC Man On Trial For 2018 Disappearance, Murder Of Girlfriend

Tuesday, October 20th 2020, 6:19 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce


An Oklahoma City man is on trial for the 2018 disappearance of his girlfriend 52-year-old Susan Freehauf. David Shores, 50, is charged with murder but police never found Freehauf’s body.

Oklahoma County prosecutors have to convince jurors beyond a reasonable doubt that Freehauf did not just disappear. They said in court on Tuesday that all the evidence points to a violent murder.

Shores listened to witness after witness describe Freehauf's character and that she was a reliable and dependable employee, a loving mother and grandmother.

Police were called to check on Freehauf in September 2018 at her southwest Oklahoma City apartment after the United Airlines employee missed a shift. Her co-workers were concerned and said in court it was not like her to miss work and not call in.

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Several of them called Freehauf's phone and said Shores, the woman's boyfriend answered the phone. Witnesses testified that Shores told them Freehauf was injured and in a hospital in Tulsa, but he did not know which hospital.

When police got a search warrant for Freehauf's apartment they said nearly everything inside was boxed up. Crime scene investigators used technology to locate blood. They found where someone tried to clean up blood stains in the bathroom and living room.

Jurors also watched body camera video of an officer's interaction with Shores around the same time Freehauf was reported missing. Shores was driving her car and the officer found her driver's license, bank debit card, an ATM receipt and cash in Shore’s pocket.

Police did search the banks of the Oklahoma River in the days after Freehauf's disappearance but never located her body.

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Shores has maintained a not guilty plea. His attorneys did not want to make a comment.