Lack of Blockbuster Films Gives Way To More Smaller Budget Movie Releases

Friday, October 2nd 2020, 6:12 pm
By: Karl Torp

EDMOND, Okla. -

The lack of blockbuster movies in theaters has given way to theatrical releases of smaller budget films.

“The Call” opens in 300 theaters nationwide starting Friday including ShowBiz in Edmond and likely 100 more next week.

“It’s a very surreal experience because I wrote it so long ago,” said “The Call” writer and producer Patrick Stibbs.

Stibbs who lives in Omaha wrote the horror film 20 years ago.

“I tell people all the time never give up because you never know when it might happen,” he said.

Because of a lack of films making it to theaters during the pandemic, Stibbs’s low budget studio film is in high demand nationwide.

“COVID, I hate to say this but it’s kind of been a good thing for the film,” added Stibbs.

ShowBiz General Manager David Wilcox said movies like the "The Call" will help carry theaters until larger budget blockbusters come out later this year.

“A lot of the films that have not had that opportunity to come out will come out,” said Wilcox.

In the meantime, plexiglass dividers, sanitization stations and 50% capacity rules- are in place to help moviegoers- and bowlers to feel more comfortable going out.

“I really think it’s safe,” said Wilcox.