Married OKC Doctors Give Inside Look At Fight Against COVID

Wednesday, August 5th 2020, 5:14 pm


Two married Oklahoma City doctors are giving an inside look at what it’s like to fight COVID-19 in Integris Health’s latest Doctor Diaries video.

Dr Nancy Rolfe and Dr. Mark Rolfe said they spend a majority of their waking hours at the Integris Baptist and Portland COVID units.

“Mark and I could talk shop forever. Definitely, we would run things by each other all the time,” Nancy told News 9.

The Rolfes have come to consider their nurses, professional partners and staff as family, especially since the pandemic started.

After 20 years of practice, both doctors said COVID-19 is unlike any other illness they’ve seen, and far more difficult to predict.

“Everything looks great then, all of a sudden, it just tanks again. It’s not just the virus that’s fueling this problem. It’s your body’s reaction to the virus,” Mark said.

However, the doctors and their staff have stayed healthy, despite interacting with positive patients each day.

The Rolfes attribute this employee success to wearing masks and PPE.

“Everybody needs to mask. It has been really frustrating for us as a medical community that we are fighting this idea that you lose your freedom when you wear a mask, because people do not understand this is a real terrifying illness,” Nancy said.