Sooner Legends Closes, But The Memories Remain

Monday, July 20th 2020, 6:46 pm

NORMAN, Okla. -

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Doug Kennon's going to be talking for a long time.

Thousands of pictures line the walls and rooms of Sooner Legends, many of them will be left behind.

"The hardest thing about it is, I love to share all this Sooner memories with the people," Kennon said.

And he has built up a lot of memories, dating back to opening a restaurant in 1999 and then the hotel in 2006.

As Doug packed up hundreds of OU artifacts to take with him, those memories came alive.

They were able to weather the storm 3 years ago when Lindsey Street road work shut down their restaurant.

But as it turns out, construction has nothing on COVID-19.

"It's catastrophic, I mean, literally to lose every single piece of business you had on the agenda for six or eight months, every single piece."

Because it wasn't just the hotel industry that dried up, their catering wing lost most of its business, and while Doug hopes to continue that down the road, nothing is certain right now.

He's already sold the property and plans to take the rest of the year off and spend time with his family.

He may not be walking away on his own terms, but he's not leaving empty-handed.

"This is one place that if you've ever stayed, ever been here, you'll never forget it. We will always have our memories and our stories to live on from the past."