Oklahoma Medical Professionals Concerned With Spike In COVID-19 Cases In State

Tuesday, July 7th 2020, 4:40 pm
By: Karl Torp

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma Department of Health reported 858 new COVID-19 cases.

That shatters the previous record high of 585 cases.

The new numbers have health experts once again calling for a mask mandate. 

“I strongly believe we need to have a mask mandate,” said Dr. Dale Bratzler, OU’s chief COVID officer.

Bratzler said wearing masks will dramatically slow the transmission of the virus and data said wearing a mask could ultimately improve the economy.

There is research that suggests COVID-19 has mutated to become a more contagious virus, but not less dangerous, Bratzler said.

“The studies I have read suggest there is more virus in the nose of those people, so they spread it easier,” Bratzler said.

The state health department data shows 9.8% tested positive of the more than 25,000 tested over the three-day holiday weekend.

More people are being tested, but the infection rate is also increasing.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo added Oklahoma to a list of 19 states under a quarantine order when entering the state.

The number of current hospitalizations in Oklahoma has more doubles in the past three weeks and now stands at 426.