Attorney General Mike Hunter Addresses State's Case Against Julius Jones

Monday, July 6th 2020, 5:47 pm
By: Tevis Hillis

Attorney General Mike Hunter spoke out Monday concerning the case against Julius Jones.

Jones is currently on death row for the 1999 death of Paul Howell in Edmond, but many are fighting to take him off death row.

Hunter said there is misinformation given to the public about the Jones case, and he said to read the evidence.

Over the past few months, clemency has been at the forefront of the fight for Jones.

From Baker Mayfield to Kim Kardashian, dozens of people have come out to fight for Jones.

During a news conference Monday, Hunter went over some of the "misleading facts" he sees in the public.

One dealt with the red bandana allegedly worn by the shooter.

"The DNA profile shows the probability of the DNA belonging to someone other than Jones is 1 in 100 and 10 million," Hunter said.

The bandana was tested in 2018.

Hunter said Jones was violent in the past and was already facing charges for an assault.

However, a petition created for Jones claims "newly-discovered evidence shows that at least one juror harbored racial prejudice that influenced his vote to convict and sentence Mr. Jones to death."

"A juror says she heard a provocative comment, not a racial comment made by the juror," Hunter said.

Hunter said the trial court thoroughly investigated this, and the remark was halfway heard, and the juror was not for sure if it was even about Jones.

Black Lives Matter Oklahoma City Executive Director T. Sheri Dickerson said she is not surprised by the attorney general's information, but she still believes in Jones.

"Some of the instances I have problems with them not addressing certain issues," said Dickerson. 

Dickerson said Jones' clemency will still be a demand for the Black Lives Matter movement in Oklahoma City.