Dashcam Video Released In Fatal Mustang Officer-Involved Shooting

Thursday, July 2nd 2020, 11:34 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

The Mustang Police Department has released dashcam video of an officer involved shooting that happened on June 5 around 6:30 p.m.

Police said Benjamin Ballard, 42, of Yukon was shot to death by officers in the parking lot of Phillips 66 near the intersection of Southwest 59th Street and Mustang Road.

Five officers were involved in the shooting, all have been cleared to return to work. The officers have been on administrative leave while OSBI investigated.

Mustang police released a nearly two-and-a-half-minute video, with no audio, showing what led up to the shooting.

Chief Robert Groseclose said there is no audio as the officer left the mic charging.

According to Mustang police, an off-duty officer called dispatch after spotting Ballard swerving in traffic on SW 59th heading towards Mustang Road.

The off-duty officer and Ballard stopped at the Philips 66 gas station.

“The off-duty officer suspected that the occupant of that vehicle was driving under the influence of alcohol,” said Groseclose. “The off-duty officer following the pickup to the fast track service station and waiting for on duty officers to arrive.”

When back up does arrive, officers say Ballard had a holstered gun and became increasingly agitated. Ballard is seen on dashcam trying to shut the door.

“One officer used a taser on Ballard, who was not subdued, and continued to fight the officers and eventually was able to point the firearm at the police officer,” said Groseclose.

Nine shots were fired in total by officers as Ballard falls out of the pickup. He was hit seven times.

Groseclose said he is satisfied with how officers handled the situation.

“I’m proud of the proficiency and I’m proud of the competency of this agency and these officers,” said Groseclose. “But again, any loss of life is tragic, and this is something that we always try to avoid. This is not ultimately our end goal ever.”

Ballard has a history of alcohol related offences. Officers said he had an open cold beer in the front seat and several beers on ice in the back.

Mustang police hope to learn from the incident. 

“There are some training opportunities and we certainly will address those,” said Groseclose.

Toxicology results will determine if Ballard had been drinking. Those results are not in just yet.

Involved in the shooting was Captain John Gibson, Sgt. David Hanson, Sgt. William Carpenter, Sgt. Ben Brauer and reserve officer Ben Trujillo.

Gibson has 22 years of law enforcement experience and has worked for Mustang police for 17 years.

Hanson began working for Mustang police in 2012 and has 10 years of law enforcement experience.

Carpenter has 10 years of law enforcement experience and began working in Mustang in 2013.

Brauer began working for Mustang police in 2016 and has seven years of law enforcement experience.

Trujillo is a reserve officer with Mustang police. He comes to the department with 20 years of experience.