High School Athletes Get Back On The Field

Tuesday, June 9th 2020, 4:31 pm

Most school districts in Oklahoma have allowed their high school athletes to begin summer workout sessions.

While Oklahoma City, Moore and Norman all returned this week, other districts like Jones got back to business last week.

"Everybody is out of their comfort zone on this, it's so different, but it's a big opportunity for everyone to learn," said Jones athletic director Dave Martin.

Most schools have the same general safety measures in place, from temperature checks at the entrance to requiring athletes to bring their own water. 

Martin has some advice for districts just starting to get back on the field.

"The biggest thing is, each day you got to sit down with your staff and you got to have an after-action review, and look at it and adjust," Martin said.

At Southmoore High School, two students have been turned away in the first two days with high temperatures. Both Jones and Moore schools are in phase one now, but will loosen restriction next week if there are no setbacks. 

While schools said safety is the number one priority, they also said letting their students get back to working out together is also important.

"They just want to get back and do something. They're athletes. They're energetic young men and women, and they just want to be active, they want to get outside and do stuff," said Southmoore athletic facilitator Greg George.

As for fall sports, both George and Martin said it's too early to predict what practices and games will look like.