OKC Single Mother Says Children Burglarized Her Home

Thursday, February 6th 2020, 2:24 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

The past month has been full of hardship for a single mother in northwest Oklahoma City.

On Jan. 7, Ti Robinson's home on NW 5th Street was broken into and thieves stole thousands of dollars in property, including Christmas presents for her son.

Robinson is a single parent and was devastated by the loss. She placed a Nintendo Switch on layaway for the holidays, and the thieves stole that, as well as a Playstation, Canon camera and other items.

“I come home, and I see everything is gone. I was shocked. I was really really upset,” Robinson said.

She called the police and soon, Oklahoma City investigators began developing leads.

Robinson said a group of local children are to blame, most of them are teens, but the youngest suspect is 10 years old.

She thinks they are part of a theft ring because other homes nearby have been hit, too. In her case, she said the children threw a heavy object threw her window.

“They broke it, must have slid it up and probably came through that way, and when they left out, they left out through the door,” said Robinson.

Before they left, she said they took her son’s clothes and left him with one pair of shoes.

Robinson said some of the kids went to school with her son, and that may be why they were targeted.

“The two kids that did it, that I am aware of, they were expelled from school. They walk around the neighborhood during school hours, probably casing places to rob. Ya know, nobody is doing anything about it. The parents just kind of let them roam around,” said Robinson. “I do want justice to be served. I do want to get these kids off the street. Those items are material things, but at the end of the day, these kids can get hurt doing things like that.”

She said the children's parents are not cooperating with the police and that’s made recovery of any items very difficult.

Robinson said she will have to work hard to recover what was lost for her son.

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