Oklahoma Casinos Sanitize As Coronavirus (COVID-19) Spreads

Friday, March 13th 2020, 11:27 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

Casino’s across the metro are keeping tabs on the latest regarding COVID-19.

The virus hasn’t stopped the customer flow at Lucky Star Casino in Concho. Many gamblers don’t seem phased.

“(I’m) not worried at all,” said one gambler. “I make sure I wash my hands when I leave and I’m good.”

Behind the scenes, Lucky Star Casino is working to get ahead of the virus, cleaning the building and reminding customers to wash and sanitize regularly.

It all began a few days ago.

“As sporting events believe it or not started getting canceled, I knew we were really into something serious,” said Andy Rednose, COO of Lucky Star Enterprises.

From the bar, to slot machines and everything in between. Sanitizer is meeting all surfaces of the casino right down to the chips.

“We've installed our hand sanitizing stations,” said Rednose. “We've also doubled our cleaning scheduled for our maintenance crews. We are going to be nonstop 24/7 clearing our facilities, restrooms, slot machines, floors.”

When it feels like the chips are down, casino management is hoping to calm fears. After all our health is nothing to take a chance on.

“Forget about all of the other stuff that is taking place outside of the world,” said Rednose. “Come in here play some slots play some blackjack have a drink if you would like and just relax.”

Lucky Star management said they'll continue to double up on their cleaning schedule until they hear otherwise from the CDC.