Oklahoma Doctor Found Guilty For Deadly DUI Crash

Monday, March 2nd 2020, 10:45 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma County jury found a doctor guilty of killing a man while driving drunk.

It's been more than a year since Dr. Bryan Perry killed Nick Rappa.

Rappa’s loved ones said with the trial behind them they can start to adjust to their new normal.

“It’s a different kind of peace, we have a new process to start over. No amount of time or verdict will bring Nick back. Nothing gives Reese time with her father that's been stolen,” said loved one Sarah Bridwell.

“The defendant left in handcuffs today, so some justice was served,” said the victim’s brother Joseph Rappa.         

After being found guilty on all four counts including manslaughter-- a jury recommended a 15-year sentence.

Asst. District Attorney Catherine Burton said the former doctor earned every day that he sits behind bars.

“I’m so glad the jury saw through all of the crap and realized he was guilty of every charge,” said Burton.            

And while the prosecution had strong words for Perry the doctor himself had none.

Loved ones and the prosecution were not surprised by his lack of emotion saying from day one his actions or lack thereof spoke to his character.

“His arrogance from the moment that the police encountered him cowering in wet grass, hiding for 20 minutes while police looked for him,” said Burton.           

“He doesn’t show remorse and continues to deny what happened that night, and his responsibility for that night, that’s for him to live with,” said Bridwell.             

The drunk driving crash on Interstate 35 killed 31-year-old Nick Rappa last October.

As he lay dying the doctor never stopped to render aid.

Then, once in custody Perry claimed his actions were clouded due to injuries he suffered, something jurors didn't buy.

“He was so incredibly drunk, and to try and act like he was a victim of a concussion was insulting,” said Burton.

Perry will be formally sentenced on April 14.