Project Transformation targets metro students

Sunday, July 6th 2008, 5:17 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price, INsite Team

Learning is more fun in the summer for some metro children.

AmeriCorps and the United Methodist Church sponsor an annual summer literacy camp called Project Transformation for children of lower income families.

"When they go back to school, they're excited because they don't struggle with their reading," said Ashleigh Sorrell Rose, Project Transformation director. "Maybe they've learned to do something in science that they want to share with their class or something. They just have more confidence in themselves."

Volunteers sign up to help with activities such as reading. Children read to the volunteers, who in turn, help with words they might struggle with. 

The classes are taught in 30 minute rotations.

"Reading, recreation, arts and crafts, and computers. Then after they go through their 30 minute rotations, they have lunch," Sorrell Rose said. "Then we have afternoon activities where we take them on fieldtrips."

In addition to volunteers from local churches and community organizations, many of the instructors and counselors are AmeriCorps members.

"By being an AmeriCorps member in our program, you get a living expenses' stipend for the entire summer," Rose said. "You also get an education award when you go back to school, once you complete your hours of service. You get an educational award, which is basically, like a scholarship."

Housing is provided for the AmeriCorps members as well.

"We also provide housing and meals for the entire summer," Rose said. "We do require our members to live in our housing for the summer, to create a sense of community."

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