UPDATE: Tornado Birds Hatch

Lil Mercer can't for the life of her figured out how the heck it happened. A bird's nest survived the  tornado.

Wednesday, June 8th 2011, 7:39 pm

By: News 9

Jon Jordan, News 9

WASHINGTON, Oklahoma --  Lil Mercer can't for the life of her figured out how the heck it happened..

"It was unbelievable," says Lil.

The longtime Washington residents isn't talking about the tornado damage that destroyed her and her husbands property and everything on it. What has this often outgoing couple speechless, is what survived.

"It's just a sweet and amazing story," says Lil.

Her husband Ron says, "It shouldn't have survived the tornado, it should have been obliterated in the wind."

Lil added, "People have brought their children here to see it, it's been texted everywhere, it's a big deal down here [in Washington]."

That big deal, it turns out, is a small bird and her nest that now call one of the Mercer's motorcycles that was destroyed in the tornado home.

Ron says, "Three days afterwards we picked up the motorcycle which was about 30 yards from where the nest originally was and realized the nest has been jammed in behind the head light and turn signal.

According to an official with the National Weather Service who has surveyed the damage to the Mercer's property, not only did the nest survive 200-plus mile per hour winds, but the nest likely embedded itself in the motorcycle while both were in mid-air being tossed around.

A few short days after the Mercers discovered the nest, so did mama bird who returned to her nest to lay four eggs.

That, Lil says, can only mean one thing.  "God can do anything and he took care of that nest just like he took care of Ron and I."

Ron added, "It changes everything, something so fragile that survived and yet something like a brick house is gone, it just amazes us."

It is enough amazement that the Mercers are even pondering what their next house might look like.

Ron says, "We are going to build a twig and stick house next, instead of brick."

The family says they won't move the motorcycle until the eggs have hatched and the birds have all left the nest.


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