Meet Lucky, Bixby's Talking Dog

Tuesday, November 22nd 2011, 5:54 pm
By: News 9

Rick Wells, News 9

BIXBY, Oklahoma -- Who wouldn't want a talking dog? And who wouldn't want to do a story about a talking dog if he had the chance? That's what Rick Wells was thinking when he heard about Lucky.

Lucky is a shelter rescue whose owner says he can't seem to stop talking. Joni Blum of Bixby adopted the pup.

When we visited, Lucky was pretty wound up. With two strangers from a TV station in the house, it's hard to stay focused.

Apparently, Lucky likes the idea of coffee, and Joni fixed a plate of cheese and crackers thinking that would get him refocused.

"If he smells it and you have it, he'll talk a lot," she said.

He's trying but is still a bit too keyed up, so I asked her to tell me the story of where she got him.

"I was at the animal shelter looking for a friend's lost dog," said Lucky's owner Joni Blum.

She instead found a black and white dog covered with mange that appeared to be talking to her.

"He said hello -- he had me at hello," she said.

She took him to the vet to get treated for the mange then home. She said he talked all the way. Yes, I know dogs don't really talk, but Lucky appears to be mimicking what he hears.

Blum has made some videos over the past couple of years and put them on the Internet.

"One day I got an email from Animal Planet," she said.

Animal Planet wanted to use the videos for a contest. He came in fifth in the talking dog category – which means there are more dogs that do this, I guess.

See Lucky's Animal Planet entry video

Actually Lucky is not the only one in the house. Odie the dog is learning from Lucky.

Joni says Lucky can say "Hello, I love you, Earl." Why? She's not sure, and some other things.

What they never say is good-bye. That's the best part.

What Joni Blum is hoping is that people who see her YouTube videos or this story will consider animal shelters for their next family pet.

You might find a talking dog too.