More 'Art' Using Oklahoma Tragedies Emerges From Graphic Artist

Tuesday, December 6th 2011, 7:01 pm
By: News 9

More controversial images are emerging from a self-proclaimed "artist". Several of the pictures include university mascots and Oklahoma tragedies.

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The picture is of the late OU linebacker Austin Box in between Bob Stoops and Timothy McVeigh.

Lisa Lispino is the person behind the pictures. She closed her webpage then briefly re-opened it, only to say her attorney told her it was okay to post what she calls "art".

This is one of the latest Lisa Lispino images to surface the web. The picture is from an 80's movie, but this version has Bob Stoops, Austin Box and Timothy McVeigh. The caption reads: "He may be dead but he's still the best LB OU has".

Austin died of a drug overdose in May. His mother, Gail Box, says she is appalled. She told News 9 she "can't imagine someone would think there is comedy in these tragedies. Sometimes you can ignore things... but this is wrong."

News 9 viewers directed us to more of Lispino's work. This emerged around the time OU played Florida State. And then another one, Alabama's mascot by the Murrah Building and Lispino's name in bold letters.

She titled it "Big Al dancing on the graves of Okies".

"Using them in this context. It really bothers me and it's hurtful," Susan Walton said.

Susan Walton is a Murrah bombing survivor. She lost friends and co-workers and anytime she sees pictures of that day, she's reminded of pain and suffering. She doesn't consider this art.

"I can't believe a sports fan would carry things that far. It's supposed to be about sportsmanship and fairness and playing a good game and that's definitely not what she's portraying," Walton said.

Lispino could not be reached for comment. Now, there is another person named Lisa Lispano, but she posted on her website she is not the one responsible for the images.

Lispino also posted a picture of former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky playing with a group of children.

It was on the website that has been removed.