New Flat Rate For Failure To Pay Turnpike Toll

Wednesday, April 25th 2012, 7:05 pm
By: News 9

Governor Mary Fallin just signed a bill into law making the fine for not paying the turnpike toll a flat rate of $25 in an effort to get more people to get the Pikepass.

The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) says the bottom line is to correct a behavior some drivers keep having with not paying their tolls. Whether it's an accident or not, the bill will prevent penalty fines from piling up and more people might get a pass.

Thousands of Oklahoma drivers do just fine and don't break the law when it comes to the Pikepass System.

"I don't want to pay those fees," said longtime Pikepass user, Janie Law.

Law was picking up her Pikepass sticker for her windshield and getting rid of the old system as News 9 spoke to her.

Kinglsey Sutch knows the benefits of having a Pikepass.

"Twenty percent cheaper, plus you don't have to mess around with digging in your pocket and running it because you're a nickel short."

Then there's 20-year-old Michael Campell. He says his family shared one pass and he thought he had his dad's pass in his car when he went through the turnpike.

"I got a big ticket," Campell said.

Drivers on both sides say they like the sound of the new law limiting toll penalties for violators to the flat rate.

"I like that," Sutch said.

"I'm in college so I don't have any money," said Campell.

Money is tight and even OTA says many drivers don't pass through without a pass on purpose.

"Different turnpikes everywhere across the state so it really is beneficial," Janie Law said.

"That's nice, that's better than 120 bucks," Campell said.

"We use our turnpike system to actually attract customers. We don't want it to be so much of a distraction they don't want to open a Pikepass with us," said OTA Assistant Director, Darwin Stewart.

Campell says he paid for his mistakes and he's ready to change his ways.

"Oh, I'll get one for sure. Not worth paying $25 to the state, so I'll get one," Campell said.

OTA hopes there's more like Campell who will want to get a Pikepass now. They say the price people pay for the passes will not change and road maintenance will not suffer.