NBA's Sixth Man And His Beard 'Grows' Viral

Friday, May 11th 2012, 2:23 pm
By: News 9

The facial hair of Oklahoma City guard James Harden has been talked about all season and now it's the topic behind a group of Oklahomans latest music video entitled ‘Beard Like Harden.'

"We were eating at Pizza Hut watching the Thunder sweep the Mavericks and it was halftime and we went to leave and were listening to" Moves Like Jagger"." My friend Gary and his wife Abby, we were riding in their car and she just was joking around and sang beard like Harden instead of moves like Jagger so then Gary and I were just messing around and came up with a chorus. Then when I got home I just sat down and wrote the rest of the song," said Daniel Castor.

Daniel, along with his siblings Chris and Bobbi Castor singers are all featured in the video alongside friends Zach Jackson, Sterling Parks, Gary Babb and Jordan Wilson who are all from Woodward.

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"We love to watch and we all play basketball and are really awful so we thought it would be fun to just make a video of it and we all really like Harden so we thought that would be a great song to parody," said Chris who along with the rest of the crew all admire the massive five o'clock shadow Harden has grown.

"Daniel wrote the majority of the song and then we came along and helped him tweak it," said Chris who worked with his sister Bobbi to sing the main vocals.

The video heralding the Thunder's newly crowned Sixth Man of the Year was coincidentally released the same day the NBA announced Harden was receiving the award.

"It was actually pretty cool because I didn't even realize he was going to be getting that (award) yesterday but it worked out really well with the release of that video," said Chris.

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The idea went from brainstorming to completion in just one week's time. The joking around during halftime had Daniel writing the rest of the song during the second half of OKC's game three win over Dallas. From there Bobbi and Chris fine tuned the vocals and the group of friends got together at a church parking lot in Woodward Wednesday to shoot the video. Chris did the editing and released the video the next day and it's been quite the ride since then.

"I went to bed and it had 308 views and I woke up and it was close to 7,000 so I thought that was pretty crazy," said Daniel.

"It's crazy, I mean we are here in little bitty Woodward Oklahoma where the only thing we are known for is our tornado that happened on April 15," said Jackson. We've done a lot of videos and stuff together, but this is the only thing that's gone anywhere besides just between friends."

"I'm jealous (of Harden's beard)," said Jackson. "I don't know if you noticed, but I have a really terrible beard in that video, you probably can't even see it because it's the same color as my skin—I don't grow a very good beard so I am pretty jealous."

"I just like him because he drives in and he does work," said Daniel. "He goes out there and he goes hard and for being a sixth man to have all the points he scores that's pretty impressive. I really respect the Thunder because they are really good, but they're also really humble too—but Harden is definitely my favorite,"

"(Harden) has always come across to me like a genuine and humble person and he is an awesome player too so just for a guy that's not a starter to do so well is really cool," added Chris.

"I went to the game they played Denver and it went to overtime in February and that was an awesome game so I would like to see them play Denver, or the Lakers so Harden can dunk over Metta World Peace and get a little revenge," said Jackson.

Whether you love Harden's beard or hate it, this group of friends had a ball putting the video together.

"I hope he sees it, I sent it to his Twitter page and his Facebook page and I don't know if he checks those but it never hurts to try," said Jackson.

His hopes came true as Friday afternoon Harden responded on Twitter simply saying "Haha!! The Beard"

Oklahoma City will play its first game in the Western Conference semifinals on Monday at 8:30 p.m. in OKC. They will face the winner of the LA Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets. That series is tied 3-3 after Denver's 113-96 win on Thursday.

Since OKC's opponent won't be decided until Saturday either way this group of fans is confident in the teams abilities especially Daniel who summed it all up by saying:

"Thunder all the way. I kind of want them to play the Lakers just because I think it will be a really good game, but I think they will go all the way."