Jed's Weather Blog: My Favorite Apps

Friday, July 13th 2012, 3:37 pm
By: News 9

Since the weather is so typical and boring, I thought I would share a couple of apps that I have found fun, creative and useful.

I really enjoy photography, as does my wife. We enjoy getting apps for our iPhones and creating images that we can post to Facebook. One challenge getting out into nature and taking pictures is the angle of the sun. If the sun is near the horizon, the camera has a hard time measuring the proper light between the sky and the ground. If you have an iPhone, you may notice the HDR function when taking pictures. This means High Dynamic Range. It allows the light to be maximized on the ground and the sky to create a truer image of what is being captured.

I am not too fond of the iPhones version so I went looking for a better HDR app. I came across a great alternative called TrueHDR. I think it was 99 cents. My wife is a high end photographer and we were out at Lake Hefner a month ago to take pictures. She was using her expensive equipment and I was using my phone. She was amazed at the simple process to create pictures with this app in seconds, while it takes cumbersome minutes if not hours to take photos to be edited creatively in Photoshop.

Everybody has their favorite entertainment app, like Angry Birds or Words With Friends. My favorite right now is Touch Tanks. Do you remember, if you are old enough, that Atari tank game that came out in the late 70s? In that game, you would have to go through a maze to fight your competitor. You had a joy stick and red button. This game is equally simplistic. This game is based on World War II tanks. I am a history buff and enjoy WW II history, so I have enjoyed learning about the different names of the takes used during that time.

I'm always looking for new ways to edit my photos and create a new ways to present them. If you have any great apps that you would like to share, please comment below!