Home Surveillance Captures Thieves Hitting Harrah Home

Saturday, July 14th 2012, 11:20 pm
By: News 9

A thief targets a home in Harrah, but what the crook did not know is that his every move was being caught on camera.

The Norton family says they don't know the guy who stole a trailer parked in their own backyard. Police are investigating. In the meantime the family wants to get his face out there so he'll hopefully be caught.

The home security system caught the  thief's every move as he and an accomplice appear to scope out the house then get away with a $1,200 trailer.

"He walks up to our house. He looks in the front door. He goes over to the window. He leans and looks in the window," said Ty Norton.

Security cameras on the house captured the suspects' every move.

"No one is home. And then he comes back to his truck and he goes and breaks a lock on the trailer we have and steals it. Drives off. It takes him about eight minutes to do all that," said Norton.

Now the Norton's hope someone will recognize the man in the footage and turn him in to the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office. Police tell the family the security system is a big help.

"They just said that we were lucky to have that system in place because it gives us a pretty good picture of him," said Norton.

And there's good reason why the Norton's installed the system.

"We had that put in our house after we got broke in when we were building construction. They stripped all our copper out," Norton said.

Still it disturbs them to know the suspect got away with their stuff.

"It makes you kind of like, 'Wow you just got your space invaded.' I'm ready to put my gate up and block off the drive," Norton said.

Deputies told the Norton's the white, single-cab pickup truck looks like a Ford or Chevy. Other cameras around the house caught the same truck driving by the house just minutes before the theft happened.

If you recognize the man from the photos you should call the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office.