OKC Attorney: Political Talks At Work Could Get You Fired

Tuesday, September 18th 2012, 10:52 pm
By: News 9

Political talk is heating up as the election nears, but be careful where you discuss your political views. What you say could land you in the unemployment line.

Talking politics could get you a pink slip if you are at work, and this is law. Water cooler talk that has evolved from gossip to campaigning could land you in trouble.

Attorney David Slane represented a man who got into a fist fight over political rhetoric. He says the Hatch Act was written to keep politics out of the work place.

"It's the idea the government should not be paying you on company time to be campaigning. It's a well-intended law, but you have got to be careful because it's a very fine line," Slane said.

Most people hadn't heard of the Hatch Act, even though government agency adopted the law in 1939 private employers have similar policies.