Witness Speaks Out On OKC Target Shooting As Suspect Is Charged

Friday, October 5th 2012, 10:28 pm
By: News 9

Charges have been filed against a man who police say shot and killed another in a crowded Target parking lot. As the State prepares for the murder trial, News 9 is learning new information about what happened right after the shots were fired.

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David Bloebaum is facing two counts of illegally carrying a firearm and one count of murder in the first degree. He has been sitting in jail for a week now as eyewitnesses start giving more details about that road rage incident that turned into a crime scene.

In front of dozens of adults and children at the Super Target near Memorial Road and Penn. in Oklahoma City, Jason Yousif's body could be seen for hours as police started their investigation. Among those in the crowd were Carla Dozier and her 7-year-old son.

"It was just unreal," Dozier said. "It was like you were watching a movie."

Dozier and her son were just seven cars away from Bloebaum when police say he shot Yousif multiple times.

"I thought it was fireworks at first," Dozier said. "It was so fast."

Immediately following the shooting, Dozier saw the shooter with something in his hands, which she thinks may have been a cell phone. Later, she learned from investigators that Bloebaum was actually one of the first people to call 911.

"I tried to get … my son and myself away from [the area] as quickly as possible," Dozier said.

Although Dozier had to wait at the scene to give a statement to police, she did her best to draw he son's attention away from the haunting experience.

"They didn't cover his body for a very long time," Dozier said. "I can't imagine being that young and actually seeing something like that."

Court documents reveal that video from Target shows Yousif running away from Bloebaum, but Yousif only made it a short distance before being shot. Police say Bloebaum admitted to shooting Yousif before he was taken to jail.