Former FBI Agent Gives Tips On Spotting A Lie

Tuesday, February 5th 2013, 10:01 pm
By: News 9

There have been plenty of famous fibbers if you will. Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Anthony Weiner. There's one man who knew they were lying right away.

Former FBI interrogator Bill Brown has 26 years of training in detecting deception, but he said he can teach all of us how to do it ourselves.

"Look at the eyes, look at the body language and listen to the words," said Bill Brown. "Your eyes will not agree with what your mouth has said if what you say is not true."

Brown said for another clue, we need to look down.

"If a guy tells you, you look great, if his feet are pointing at you, he's probably telling the truth. If his feet are pointing out to the side, he's probably lying," Brown said.

Now the arms.

"Defensive things," Brown said. "When you're holding your hands, you're trying to protect yourself."

And he said liars tend to fidget, like pick at their clothes or touch their necks. He said it's a way to distract yourself.

But perhaps our most effective tool in spotting a lie:

"Your gut," Brown said. "Your gut will tell you always."

We tested Brown's skills on three News 9 employees. Two were lying and one was telling the truth. Watch the video to see if he could spot the lie.

Brown also shows us how we could tell those politicians were fibbing.

Purchase Brown's book "Uncovering Deception."